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Eco Moms have the most important roll when it comes to going green and establishing the foundations within your home and families values.

Being a Mom is incredible, but I think being an Eco Mom is an absolute wonder and totally amazing.
You care for the little people yes, you grow and birth.
You care for all your loved ones, you work, volunteer, cook, clean, learn, teach, decorate, listen, drive, organize, coordinate, celebrate, and basically keep all the wheels of life moving.

From my personal experience, after having a new baby, one is full of emotions and our hormonal levels are out of control. Being an Eco Mom my priorities changed slightly and I was not that focused, specially when it come to sustainability and staying eco friendly.

Here are a few items I found in order to make the challenge a bit easier.

There is a lot more to read and learn from in my blog.

Happy shopping and congratulations on your new addition!