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Going Green is all about constantly gaining knowledge and implementing it into practice so that we can lead more eco-friendly lifestyles and make more eco-responsible decisions. This in turn can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. Finding effective and eco-friendly, recycled, biodegradable products and solutions can be difficult, but rest easy knowing that I have done this bit for you! I have carefully selected some of my favorite items from Amazon that I think are must haves in our green home. Let me help you on your journey to going green and zero-waste.

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Eco clean

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘eco-clean’? It’s common to assume that cleaning products that claim to be eco-friendly in some way not quite as effective.

This is a myth! You don’t need strong chemicals to ensure thorough cleaning because eco-friendly products are just as effective, but have natural harmless ingredients.There are lots of other harmful chemicals hiding in your cleaning products which contribute to the poisoning of our environment and unfortunately it doesn’t end here. Residue from these products gets left behind on work surfaces.There is a simple and easy solution to eliminate such toxins from your home and business. Switching to almost zero waste cleaning products is an easy and effective solution that you can start straight away.Eco-cleaning products are just as effective and they are 100% safe and kind to you, your family and the environment.Here are some more tips on how to get started.

A sustainable home starts in the kitchen! Finding effective and eco-friendly ways to deal with the constant stream of food and packaging waste can be tricky. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for new ideas and systems that work to create a space where everything we use is re-usable and long lasting, and every bit of kitchen waste is recycled or composted in one way or another!
Navigating through new ideas, products and solutions can be difficult, but rest easy knowing that I have done this bit for you! I believe that everyone’s kitchen should be filled with long lasting, re-usable products that help us reduce food waste, eliminate single use packaging, replace plastic, and above all are simple and practical to use.
How to be sustainable, self sufficient and reuse food scraps completes your environmentally friendly kitchen needs can all be found in my blog. Let me help you on your journey to going green and zero-waste.

Eco Baby

A new baby in the house means an increase in household waste, nappies, baby wipes and baby food containers. Don’t be discouraged. It is possible to have an eco friendly baby. There are certain common items that could be easily replaced with better sustainable alternatives.So here are a few items which I think could promote your goal of going green even with a baby in the house.I always look for products that are biodegradable, plant based and zero waste packaging where possible. It’s not an easy task, but all finding some suitable items with most of these qualities are a win, in my eyes at least.I hope these items encourage you to promote you and your eco baby to an easier sustainable lifestyle.Explore my blog for more information.

Eco Beauty & Personal

Being more environmentally responsible has never been higher on our agendas. In the past few years the natural, organic beauty market is just getting bigger. Apparently the market has grown 23% in 2019, and 33% of us are actively looking to purchase eco-friendly beauty and personal care products.Here are some eco-friendly beauty products that every woman who wants to look their best and save the world at the same time, needs to have in her everyday routine and lifestyle.Finding eco friendly makeup, seems to be quite a mission. Most companies have the elements, but packaging still needs to be drastically improved. Found a few vegan products that good. Two suppliers that I think are fantastic and worth looking at are: https://elatebeauty.com/ and https://www.fatandthemoon.com/. If you know of a product that is worthy of being listed, Let me know.Check out my blog for updates.

Eco Lifestyle

An Eco Lifestyle is about living life, as an individual, family and as a community, such that it is sustainable for the earth’s environment.Going green is all about keeping in mind the following principles:
  • conserve resources
  • conserve energy
  • reduce waste
  • reduce pollution and the release of harmful substances into the environmentprotect the earth’s ecological balance with other living things.
Beyond adopting the above, it is advisable to become more aware of energy saving practices. There are many energy efficient practices and appliances that you can use to turn your home into a green, zero waste home and eco lifestyle.I have chosen a few products below to get you started on your journey.
Your pet can go green and be as eco-friendly as you. A selection of zero waste and sustainable dog toys. Turn your Furbabies into an eco pet!The time has come to care for our planet just as much as we do our beloved pets. It is possible to use products in the most sustainable ways possible to care for your pet whilst look after our planet.There’s a reason that there is a lot of talk about climate change these days. Our planet is in desperate need. It’s never been more important for us to be mindful of packaging, manufacturing and our carbon footprint.Providing an alternative for our pets is one more step in going green and giving our earth a chance to heal.